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Multi-level marketing book Consumed by Success shows how love of money is the root of all evil. Thought provoking book.

Lots of Money!...The promise entices...but does multi-level marketing have a dark side?
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Consumed By Success

Dual Citizenship: The Christian and Politics
Speak up or Keep Quiet...What does the Bible say?

Insights on Christians and politics, Dual Citizenship book gives biblical perspective on religion and Christian responsibility in a secular government. Christian patriotism.
Just what is the Christian’s responsibility in secular government?
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Dual Citizenship

Jesus & Company. Exciting, funny, unbelievable and uplifting true story of 20th century miracles and ships.  A book that you can’t put down and one that prompts you to buy extra copies for your friends.

Christian Faith testimonies and prayers in Jesus and Company book is about living by faith in God!

A Christian couple steps out in faith to answer the cries of the hungry and share the Gospel—and ends up with five ships, at last count! 
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Jesus & Company

Two-Minute Warning

 Learn about the End time events, Middle East peace talks, and Christian persecution in Earth's Two Minute Warning book by John Wheeler. This book focuses on one of the major biblical topics today, Bible prophecy . Foreword by Dr. Tim LaHaye.
Is Time Running Out For The Human Race?
Read Bible prophecies describing:
Current Events in Russia
Weather Gone Wild
 Persecution of Christians
Middle East Peace Talks
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Experienced volunteer Dorothy  Miller has written the book, A song for Grandmother, which offers the how-to's of outreach and evangelism to the elderly, one of the BIG social issues of today.
Discover the joys, rewards and value of visiting forgotten seniors
 in nursing homes.
You can make a difference
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A Song For

Tiny book, Where have All The Children Gone by Ed and Polly Bowen, makers of Pro-Life jewelery, gives facts on abortion and lovingly presents sanctity of life.Beautiful gift-size book ties together abortion, euthanasia, sanctity of life, evolution and salvation.
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Where Have All the Children Gone?

“Reader Friendly!”
Beginners and Experts, all love this facinating Bible overview of Genesis

Overview Genesis and the links to prophecy as taught by Chuck Missler in this book, Countdown to Eterniny.
See the Genesis links to prophecy in
 Countdown toEternity.
By Chuck Missler
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Do the words of Jesus mean,
No man can
EVER know
“the day and the

Study Bible prophecy in Forbidden Knowledge by D.A. Miller to find information on date setting in the feasts of Israel.
Is the timing of end-time events hidden?
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Forbidden Knowledge...
 Or is It?

Discover Why for centuries Christians have died for their belief that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied about in the Old Testament.

Bible prophecy book, The Search for Messiah, opens eyes about the Jewish Bible and Old Testament prophecies describing Jesus as the Messiah.
Examine precise pictures of Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, the Bible of Judiasm.
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Spirit of theRain Forest, A Shaman SpeaksA Yanamamo shaman in South America speaks about demons in Spirit of the Rainforest. Written by Mark Richie.

True story as told to author Mark Richie on his many trips to South America. Raw...Graphic..Revealing
You will experience the realities of a culture given over to demons.
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Spirit of the Rainforest

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