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God’s Story Multiple use of video
Bible Video at

 or for
Translation Info 
God’s Story Project www.gods-story.org


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A Nation Adrift
What Happend to America’s
Christian Heritage?

Faith Video, A Nation Adrift shows the spiritual foundation of America and how far we have come from our Christian heritage. America's TRUE history for those tired of Revisionist history.
Tired of
Revisionist history?
Want a
breath of fresh air?

 Discover America’s
TRUE history 
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on A Nation Adrift

A Song For
You Can Bring Joy to a Lonely Ultra-Senior!

A Song for Grandmother video encourages volunteerism to the elderly in nursing homes.  Bring JOY to the forgotten senior citizens.
Heartwarming video films first -time visitors “inside” nursing homes. Watch with surprise...their surprise at the wonderful people they meet.
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on A Song For Grandmother

Broken Vows
Compare the Ideals of Our Founding Fathers to Today’s Leadership.

Video of Faith, Broken Vows shows how  a wrong use of separation of church and state has twisted our understanding of USA history. Hear today's top conservative leaders  compare America's Ideals to our founding fathers.
Top conservative leaders tell how and why our nation got off course. 
Could the problem ultimately be spiritual?
Practical information to get us back on track,
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on Broken Vows

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in the

Christian topic, Crisis in the Classrom video with Phillis Schlafly  shows the decline in education, exposes goals 2000, and brings to light the long-time plan to steal children from parental values and control.
We send our children to school to learn, but something terrible is happening instead!
Documentation of the organized move to separate children from the values and control of their parents.
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on Crisis In The Classrom

Two-Minute Warning

Earth's Two Minute Warning prophecy video narrated by new age expert, Caryl Matrisciana, calls to light predictions by Nostradamus, Edgar Casey , and the best source of End Times prophecy, the Bible.
Can Nostradamus and Edgar Casey accurately forecast the world’s future
Is there a better source of information?
Does the Bible predict the “End of The World?”
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on Earth’s Two-MinuteWarning

The Charles “Tex” Watson Story

God's mercy displayed in the video Forgiven about cult murderer Tex Watson, one of the Charles Manson murders.
The Crime of the decade...the Charles Manson murders.
Could one of his cult followers, a killer, really expect to be forgiven by God or by the daughter of his victims?
Astonishing Live Meeting
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on Forgiven

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Missionary video by New Tribes Missions, Ee-taow, shows the tremendous impact of chronological teaching from the Bible and thrilling scenes of tribes discovering Jesus.
Envision a village bound by centuries of superstition...which is visited by a wise biblical storyteller. Now, imagine the villager’s response when they understand for the first time that the God who made the world loves them! Caught on film is this very incident.
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Ee-taow The Next Chapter

Ee-taow The Next Chapter video shows how chronological Bible storytelling  easily presents the sacrifice of Jesus and the forgiveness of God.
How quickly can baby-Christians learn to effectively tell neighboring villagers about their
new-found Savior?

Marvelous demonstration of the powerful impact of chronological Bible storytelling.

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Now We See Clearly

Now We See Clearly video explains why many new Christians backslide.
Why do such a high percentage of  people reached with the Gospel by missionaries, never find victory in their Christian lives?
The answer will astonish you...but it may also explain why professed believers in your own church still struggle.
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A powerful Christian evangelism tool, Excellence in Evangelism, provides 1 to18 top videos on witnessing to non Christians.

Excellence In Evangelism
Choice of one or more of 18 tapes

You Want to Find
Boldness to Witness? 
Laugh and Learn, All in One Sitting
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Excellence In Evangelism

 God’s Story:
From Creation to Eternity
See the Whole Bible.
Genesis to Revelation

The Bible video, God's Story, increases understanding of the world's best selling book.
Already in multiple languages
going around the world.

Good for Families!
Beginners and those familiar with the Bible, all appreciate this
facinating, acurate
storytelling rendition of the Bible.
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God’s Story

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The Hidden Truth
Flying saucers can’t be real..can they?

UFOs, the video on flying saucers and space travelers from a biblical  perspective. UFOs, myth or marvel?
The first and best documentry to bring you up to speed on the
 myth or marvel of UFO’s

Are you sure you want to
know the truth?
It could be scary!
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UFO’s The Hidden Truth

Ultra Sound
Window to Womb
Loving Way to Affirm Life

English and Spanish video, Ultrasound Window to the Womb by Shari Richard, shows precious unborn children before birth.
Now, via the beauty of ultrasound,
you can see a tiny child
trustingly nessled inside the
safety of his mother’s womb.
Viewing this video will help moms to keep their unborn children safe!
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on Ultra Sound,
Window to the Womb

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The Chair
Biblical wisdom and insights
presented in a one-man stage show.

Frank Peretti at His Best
A Man—A Chair—Onstage

 Peretti’s delightful wit and antics
make this video one you will want to
watch over and over again. 

You’ll never forget his
sideways body as he demonstrates a mobile “fixed point of referrence.” 
You won’t forget the truth
he draws from his chair either!
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The Chair



The Challenge
Once again best selling author
Frank Peretti
leaves audiences in stitches and wiser!



In The Challenge, Peretti gives a probing look at
the age old question of
“How can I find God’s will for my life?’

Peretti’s firsthand stories,
illustrated by his on-stage antics,
give audiences valuable food for thought.

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