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Oasis Tradepost Gospel Tracts... Few in Number... Powerful in Impact!

Oh No! Iím Pregnant!...and I donít want to be.
Beautifully written letter from  ĒBabyĒ
Evangelistic tract and witnessing tool, Oh No! Iím Pregnant!...and I donít want to be, helps women who are dealing with unplanned pregnancy and abortion.
Too many women faced with an unplanned pregnancy feel abandoned. Those who should be standing with them are often the ones who pressure them most to abort their unborn child.
   This simple tract is a plea for life from that unborn child.  Wonderfully woven in is the truth that mothers do not have to be alone any more. God offers His love through finding Jesus as Savior.        
                          Pack of 50 Tracts $5.00

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Evangelism Tract
for the ďHorsy SetĒ

Wild Horses

Apocalypse Art
Mailing Miniatures
With a Purpose
3.95 each
Use the original Christian Equine art of Marilyn Todd-Daniels to
bless a friend. 
Iíll Rise Again, a mailing miniature original picture of Christian Equine art by Marilyn Todd-Daniels.Add your personal message to these striking
 3Ēx 4Ē paintings, suitable for mailing.
These strong painting draw your eyes heavenward.
 Iíll Rise Again
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A mailing miniature, The Four Horsemen by Marilyn Todd-Daniels is a striking original picture of Christian Equine art.
The Four Horseman
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for larger viewings of these paintings.

Mail to your friends The Victory by Marilyn Todd-Daniels. Christian Equine art dazzles even the postman! 

 The Victory

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R eaders discover that their dreamy  mental image of wild horses running free, doesnít match the harsh reality of the sad and difficult life of wild horses.
        The comparison is made of another misconception and harsh reality.  Satan lures with the promise, ďRun free, you will be happy,Ē when in truth the freedom he offers brings destruction.
       In contrast, God offers to be our owner and protector.  By coming in faith to Him, Jesus Christ will not only save us, He will also lovingly care for us.

Those who love and care for animals especially appreciate this Gospel tract.  
           Pack of 50 tracts,   $5.00 

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             Twenty-five years in the horse industry, owning and training horses and riders at the largest riding school on the West Coast of the United States,
Dorothy A. Miller, author, researcher, rider, and horse trainer for 25 years, shares Jesus Christ using horses as illustrations of God's truth.
enabled Dorothy A. Miller to write this and many other short pieces using horses to illustrate truths about God.

Click here for radio comentaries by Miller posted on Freedom Corner

Mailing Minatures 4Ēx 6.Ē
All 5 of these striking Apocalypse originals, above and below,
suitable for small frames or gift mailing.
$3.95 each or set (all 5) $14.95
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Whole set of 5, one of each Minature.    

    Send to a friend or mount in small frames for your own enjoyment.            .The Call by Marilyn Todd-Daniels pictures a spectacular scene of past and future. This miniature mailer of Christian equine art impresses all who see it.  The Betrayal as painted by Marilyn Todd-Daniels, depicts one of the most memorable scenes in the Bible, The Last Supper. Miniature mailer great for all occasions and holiday mailings.

      The Call                                     The Betrayal      
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