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Godís Story Multiple use of video
Bible Video at

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Godís Story Project www.gods-story.org


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Find Out for Yourself Why the Bible is the Best Selling Book of All Time

For those who have an interest in the Bible, this reader-friendly book, Countdown to Eternity will satisfy your appetite

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The Godís Story Video For Beginners and Experts
For Children and Adults

If you have an interest in the Bible,
treat yourself to an 80-minute
panorama of Godís Word,
Genesis to Revelation.
Available in over 36 languages
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Godís Story:From Creation To Eternity

Countdown to Eternity
book by Chuck Missler

It All Started Here!
Genesis, the first book in the Bible, the book of beginnings...see how author Missler shines light on the oldest record of mankind and then helps readers draw personal applications for themselves. 
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Countdown to Eternity

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