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Jesus & Company
Heartwarming! Challenging! Uplifting! 
Book of faith Jesus and Company tells about a God who cares
Discover ordinary people who
 experience daily miracles. 

     With only a desire to please God and faith in the Bible, Don and Sondra Tipton began caring for the poor.  Their unique vision of using ships, manned by volunteers from all over the world, to deliver the “leftover”goods of wealthy nations to the needy actually works!  With only 38 dollars and faith in God, Tipton’s organization, Friend Ships, went from 0 to 6 ships in 10 years!

     Readers say...“This book of faith and miracles built up my faith.”.... Reading Jesus & Company showed me there really is a God who cares!”....I saw how service to others helped overcome depression.”

     Whether it’s encounters with angels, a surprise visit to Texas Loosy’s or a runaway ship stopping dead in the water, these  heartwarming, sometimes funny and sometimes convicting stories of faith will forever impact your life. 

     Like the famous George Mueller of the 19th Century, see how through faith and prayer, Christian aid and fulfilling the Great Commission can work together.

     From Teens -“Ultra” Seniors, all love these fast moving, easy to read stories.  All, who like exciting true-life adventures and who want to hear-first hand about miracles , will be glad they read Jesus & Company. Discover how much God loves us all
                            For more about Jesus & Company go to
Table of ContentsBack CoverReader Reviews,
Book Excerpt “Miracle,”   Book Excerpt “Love” 

196 pages $11.95 
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Proceeds from book sales go to FriendShips
To find out more about this
hands-on all-volunteer organization, click here.

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