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Earthís Two-Minute Warning

 Top Christian leaders say of this book:

ďI found this book to be a new, fresh look at end time events that uses the latest current events to show how soon it could all come to pass. John is an excellent writer who surprised me with his thorough understanding of Bible prophecy.Ē
Dr. Tim LaHaye,
Co-author of the Left Behind series.

Earthís Two-Minute Warning is a clear, compelling account of the Last Days. It is written from a solid Biblical perspective, yet is so easy to read that even those who arenít religious will be able to understand Godís plan for the end of the world as we know it.Ē
Marlin Maddoux,
President USA Radio Network

215 pages  $14.95 
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Does the Bible tell us?

Earth's Two Minute Warning book recommemded by Tim La Haye author of Left Behind series and Marlin Maddoux


      Author John Wheeler Jr. is recognized as a noted journalist, evangelist and Bible scholar. 
      Former editor of Pat Robertsonís Christian American magazine, John studied history and Bible at William Jennings Bryan College and earned his Masterís degree in public policy from Regent University.

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