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Spirit of the

What do drive-by shootings in the streets of American cities have to do with the
Yanamamo Indians of the Rainforest?
      Revenge dominates both cultures

  Both are cultures controlled by the legacy of having to
get back at warring neighbors, who have in the past
killed members of their group.
     Both use mind numbing drugs on already lifeless consciences... to forget...and
to make one brave for the surprise attacks..

Read Spirit of the Rainforest, a Yanamamo shaman speaks about demons

Spirit of the Rainforest provides a
 surprising solution for these endless nightmares.

A Shaman Speaks
    Shoefoot, a Yanamamo Shaman, invited multiple spirits into his “chest” to equip him to heal and lead his people. He tells of his tribe’s endless relentless raids, the stealing of women and children, and of horrible abuse committed against their own wives and children. You will feel the fear and hopelessness that dominated him...until one day he discovered a spirit who changed his destiny.
    Covering three generations, this book only once mentions the name of God. Incredibly, though, God’s presence and love are seen through Shoefoot’s personal story .
     The Yanamamo stand as the most primitive people on earth, a people almost untouched by outside influence until this century.  Most anthropologists tell us to leave them alone.  “Don’t interfere with this pristine cluture,” they say.
    Should modern society interfere in these Indian’s lives? Can this culture of revenge change? Find out what Yanamamo leader and lifelong Shaman, Shoefoot, has to say about these vital questions.  
                                         271 pages     $14.95
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Warning:  Do not read if graphic descriptions of abuse and violence will hurt your sensibilities.
    Some leading anthropologists describe Yanamamo life in the Rain Forest as “beautiful,” and say that “Christians should leave these Indians alone.”
    Author Mark Richie believed that to expose these lies, he needed to record this Shaman’s raw first-person story as told to him. Spirit of the Rainforest reveals the awful truth of a culture dominated by Satan.
    The astute reader will recognize the loving hand of God reaching down to this most primitive of all people.

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