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Oh Please...Don’t Tell Me You Belive in Flying Saucers!

Once upon a time, the wierdos and the hermits and the strange fringes of society all imagined they saw flying saucers and little grey men coming from outer space to help/torment us earthlings...but now.........

USA astronauts, presidents, senators, judges, and leaders from around the world...credible witnesses... are seeing something like flying saucers.  Some have even had close encounters of the fourth, third, second and FIRST kind! 

Does the Bible speak of UFO’s?
If we are being visited by non-earthlings,
who are they and what do they want?

This documentary goes way past the pie tins hung on wires and trick photography, to interview world leaders in the search for truth about UFO’s.
The startling evidence and eventual conclusions will give you more than an interesting topic of dinner conversation...you will be facing scary incontrovertible facts about the visitors to our planet.

We hope your heart is ready
to receive this kind of information

UFO's video on flying saucers and space travelers from a biblical  perspective

This video is destined  to make a “‘Believer” out of you...in more ways than one!

74 minutes    $ 19.95
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