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Forbidden Knowlege...
                                                                                OR IS IT?
: By Chuck Missler

Bible prophecy, especially eschatology (the study of "the last things"), has suffered greatly at the hands of both its enthusiasts and its detractors--the enthusiasts with their zeal for premature and unfounded conclusions; the detractors with their allegorizations and failure to regard the ancient texts with adequate diligence.

    It is refreshing to experience a resurgence of interest in the literal and mystical aspects of the Scriptures.  As a specialist in the information sciences for over thirty years, I have long been fascinated with the integrity of the Scriptures as a whole: sixty-six books, penned by forty authors over thousands of years-and yet evidencing an intricate design in which every textual detail, every number, every place name, all manifest careful design and diligent attention to detail.

    It is in this very manner that this book explores some remarkable aspects of the Feasts of Israel-not just their historical basis and their commemorative role, but their prophetic role as well.

    It is one of the tragedies of the historic Christian church that the widespread illiteracy with respect to the Tanakh (the Old Testament), as well as the general ignorance of "things Jewish," has masked from so many some of the amazing insights which God has hidden in the Torah (the first five books of Moses) with regards to His "Grand Design."

    Furthermore, we have all been so badgered about the elusiveness of the "day and the hour" that we easily fall into the trap of being blindsighted by that which we can-and are instructed-to know.

    Indeed, it is time for a fresh look.

    Many of the perspectives and conjectures of the author will certainly meet with skepticism and disagreement, but this provocative study should challenge the reader to explore these insights further.  After all, if we are "Children of the Day" (not of the Night) that day should not overtake us as a thief (1 Thessalonians 5:1-6).

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