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Are you one of those Christians who......
desperately wants to lead people to
Excellence in Evangelism, 18 top videos on witnessing and evangelism a saving knowledge of Jesus,    
but can’t seem to get “started?”

Choose one, some or all of these titles
(for yourself or your church) and

Get A Jump Start in Witnessing
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Set Number 1
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All 6 Titles Below

Set Number 3
All 6 Titles Below

# E1-God Doesn't Believe In Atheists
How to prove the existence of God.


# E7-Three Keys to an Army's Success
(Militant Evangelism) Objective, weapons & the enemy.

# E13-How to Preach Open Air
Twenty-one keys to open-air preaching and personal witnessing.

# E2-Hell's Best Kept Secret
The forgotten key to biblical repentance (This one is foundational to presenting  the Gospel!)

# E8-How to Get Passion For Souls
The most vital fuel for
successful witnessing.  


# E14-Open Air Preaching New York
Public-park witnessing, complete with hecklers, Hare Krishna's, and the New York police.

# E3-True and False Conversion
Perhaps the most neglected teaching in Christendom today


# E9-How to Find God's Will in Your Life
A life-changing principle to prepares you for active service.


# E15-Hell's Best Kept Secret, Part Two
After seeing Hell’s Best Kept Secret, You will really want to see this one!

# E4-How to Witness Effectively
Principles to share the faith

# E10-Keys to Zeal
Set the world aflame. More fuel for the fire.

# E16-How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Breaking out of the monastery mentality.

# E5-How to Get on Fire For God
Three wonderful keys to unlock your silence.


#E11-How to Overcome Fear
More keys to liberation from fear, something every effective witness must do



#E17-The Hollywood Perspective
    In Hollywood, on camera, people are asked, “Do you think you are good?”
    Responses will make you both laugh and cry. Excellent for outreach and training.

# E6-Freedom From the Fear of Man
How to walk in victory over the fear most Christians battle.

# E12-The Ten Commandments
These familiar “Gems” from Scripture shine like you have before seen!

# E18-The Secrets of Nostradamus Exposed Surprising documentary. Excellent for church or individual outreach.


$14.95 for individual video titles
$13.95 per video bought in set of six. (Select Set #1, #2 or #3.) Total $83.70
$12.95 per video if purchasing all 18 videos at once. Total  $233.10

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Remember your Oasis discount!
A 6 video set earns you a 15% discount, so you only pay $71.15. 
All 18 tapes at once, with the 25% discount, would be only $174.83

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