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 Feel like you have been in the desert?
Longing for a tall glass of spiritual refreshment?
Try our carefully selected resources.
Challenging... Uplifting...
Definitely not the same old same old.

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Outstanding articles and short stories for inspiration from Oasis Tradepost products

 Author of the Best Sellers,
This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness,
Frank Peretti
The Chair
A 70-minute video of
nonstop humor and wisdom.
Peretti’s wit
rivals any secular comedian today,
yet you end up with deep biblical insights that are practical!
After watching this sidesplitting video you will invite your friends, relatives and even strangers to watch it with you—any excuse to see it again and again.
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Excerpt from the
daring prophecy book
 Forbidden Knowledge
Pictures of Jesus in
Jewish Weddings

Take your best shot!

we will post our answers.
You may not always
agree with us,
but the fun is in the hunt!

One is not too hard and the other is meant to
streeeaaaccch you.

Beliefs Have Consequences
On this site read and/or print out your favorites.
Selected Quick Stories
By D.A. Miller
Check out,
“The Alarm Clock Did It,”
commentary #28. You will be surprised how close to home this strikes!

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